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so without further delay; grab some popcorn, and take a seat cause the show is starting.....

Welcome To BVG's very own theater =0)
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 Appropriate Pictures allowed for Avie and Signature use

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PostSubject: Appropriate Pictures allowed for Avie and Signature use   Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:55 pm

Since there are Members here that may possibly be under the age of 18, and for saftey reasons. BVG Theater will not allow the usage of Real Life photo's of yourself. You may use pictures of known Famous persons; They must be appropriate pictures, and even Movie pictures as well; again must be appropriate (no nudity, partially nude, smoking or any kind of drug or narcotic use in the picture used).

even though there might be a great deal of adult members here, The pictures must still be appropriate; no partially clothes Avies, or any innapropriate acts being displayed in the AV (drug use, smoking, and no kissing).

Anyone that has an Avie with these so called charactersitics will have their av removed and issued a warning.
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Appropriate Pictures allowed for Avie and Signature use
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